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  • Exclusive Apartment
    Exclusive Apartment
    1.7M USD
  • Salve
    2.3M USD
    9K USD
  • G-III
  • Lovely property with sea...
    Lovely property with sea...
    1.2M USD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Bespoke Lifestyle

    What is Bespoke Lifestyle?

    Bespoke Lifestyle is an Online Global Luxury Marketplace based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We sell and rent only the best cars, yachts, real estate, jets, helicopters, horses and watches from brokers and individuals worldwide.

    Who is behind Bespoke Lifestyle?

    Bespoke Lifestyle was started by 2 best friends, Daniel Evans and Andrew Picken, who saw a need for a Global Luxury Marketplace to link the emerging markets of the east with those of the west. After years of living and working in various countries and enjoying the finer things in life, they decided to put this knowledge and understanding to good use. Daniel and Andrew have since been joined by private investors from the UAE who have unrivaled knowledge of the automotive and real estate sectors.

    Why is Bespoke Lifestyle based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

    Dubai is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city known for its fast paced construction, luxurious 5* hotels, exotic supercars and opulence. It was deemed the perfect place to set up a Global Luxury Marketplace, as it is a major hub for business and leisure between the east and west and a melting pot for different cultures and luxury industries.

    How does Bespoke Lifestyle work?

    Bespoke Lifestyle charges for listing packages rather than taking a commission from each transaction that we generate. We have packages tailored towards professional brokers and individual seller. We also offer the opportunity to make your listings featured on the site, featured listing packages and banner advertising options. Feel free to contact us for more information at info@bespoke-lifestyle.com

    What is Bespoke Lifestyle's aim?

    Bespoke Lifestyle's aim is to become the world’s leading online Luxury Marketplace. We aim to reach people that brokers and companies haven’t been able to reach before. We achieve this through SEO, online and print marketing, social and print media, events and through our related companies.

  • Buying and Selling

    Is Bespoke Lifestyle involved in the transaction between buyer and seller?

    Bespoke Lifestyle is not involved in transactions. We place the buyer and seller together through our online market place, the rest is up to the 2 parties involved.

    Are the companies and individuals who list on Bespoke Lifestyle screened and moderated?

    Bespoke Lifestyle does its utmost to ensure that every company or individual who lists on our website is verified and that the listings they enter are moderated before they go live on the website. We have strict Terms and Conditions to be adhered to in order for them to be accepted on the site. We also have listing criteria that have to be met in order for an item to go on the site.

    How do I contact the seller of an item I am interested in?

    On each individual listing there are two ways in which you can contact the seller: Email and Phone. We have also added a handy feature in the shape of two clocks, one showing the time at your location and the other showing the time at the location of the item you are looking at, therefore you get an indication of whether it is a good time to call.

    Do the dealers know that inquiries come through Bespoke Lifestyle?

    Yes, the email that is sent to the listing dealer when you fill in the form on Bespoke Lifestyle goes to them via us, so that the Dealer may know we have generated the lead for them.

    I've added a listing on Bespoke Lifestyle, but I don’t see it on the site yet, why is this?

    This can be for a number of reasons. Bespoke Lifestyle moderates every listing. This takes time, so please allow at least 1 working day for the listing to appear on the site. Other reasons could be that the listing doesn’t comply with our listing criteria, there are no images entered, or the information entered appears to be incorrect. In this event Bespoke Lifestyle will contact you to rectify the problem.

    I want to enter more listings than the Bespoke Lifestyle listing packages allow, how do I do this?

    If you have more listings to enter than our packages allow please contact us.

  • Audience

    Who visits Bespoke Lifestyle?

    We have visitors from more than 50 countries with this number growing all the time. Our main client base is male between the ages of 35-55 who have a passion for the finer things in life.

    Who does Bespoke Lifestyle target and where?

    Because of our fantastic geographical location here in Dubai we are very well placed to execute our business model of connecting the emerging markets of the East with the existing markets of the West. We aim to do this through extensive SEO, social media campaigns, print media, online advertising, printed advertising, event sponsorship along with other innovative brand awareness campaigns. We are a truly global company and we will create the ultimate global luxury marketplace.

  • General Information

    Why is there no price on some listings?

    Some dealers have a policy of not posting their prices. This may be because they don't want the price of a rare item to be publicly known or that there isn’t a set price for an item. Bespoke Lifestyle recommend that you use our convenient Price On Request box to ask the dealer for the price of a certain item if it is not listed.

    Why have Bespoke Lifestyle partnered with Quintessentially Aviation and Quintessentially Escapes?

    Bespoke Lifestyle aligns itself with only the best of the best, and quintessentially is just that. We want to provide the best service and experience for our users and that is whey we partner with the best companies in their chosen fields. This is a partnership we are very happy with and one that will only improve Bespoke Lifestyle.

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