Booking Form Terms and Conditions

For use of the Website,

By completing this Booking Form and submitting the same, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, those general terms and conditions set out on the website (“Website”), and the listing criteria (“Listing Criteria”), also set out on the Website. You agree to the following:-


For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the term “Content” means any listings, forums, event listings, reviews, messages, text files, images, photographs or photographic images, videos, sounds, or any other materials posted on the Website.

By posting Content on the Website:

Removal of Content

Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any listing, photo or any Content, without notice and without liability or providing any refund in relation to the Subscription Fee paid, if that listing, photo or Content does not meet the requirements of these Terms & Conditions, Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT’s general website Terms and Conditions, its Privacy Policy, or if Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT otherwise determines or believes, in its sole and absolute discretion, that your listing, photo or other Content you upload on to the Website is inappropriate for any legal, business, technical or other reason.

Subscription Payment

  1. By completing and submitting this Booking Form you confirm that you wish to list Content on the Website, and you acknowledge that you will be charged a subscription fee (“Subscription Fee”) which will allow you to list Content on the Website for a period of one (1) year. The Subscription Fee is to be paid in either one or two instalments, and will vary depending on how many items you wish to list on the Website over the course of the year. The exact Subscription Fee will be calculated for you, by you clicking on the Slider Content Bar appearing on the Website, and by you indicating how many listings you wish to make during the year. The total Subscription Fee will be shown in the box below the Slider Content Bar, and should you be eligible for any discount, the discount will be illustrated in the discount box next to the total Subscription Fee also appearing on the Website.
  2. Should you wish to participate in the “Featured Listings” section of the Website, please click on the Featured Listings Slider Content Bar, so that the additional costs can be calculated into the total Subscription Fee due.
  3. You agree for your credit card to be charged with the Subscription Fee upon completing and submitting this booking form and completing your credit card details, which will be sent to a third party processing site for authorisation and payment. Alternatively, should you wish to make payment of the Subscription Fee by way of bank transfer or, by using Paypal, you will need to indicate this on the Booking Form.
  4. Once the Subscription Fee and all the relevant information relating to the Content you wish to list on the Website is received by Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT, your Content will be listed on the appropriate section of the Website.
  5. Should you wish to list additional Content on the Website over and above the maximum amount of listings that you have indicated and paid for under one booking form, you can complete and submit a separate booking form, together with completion of your method of payment. Once again, if you have indicated that you wish to make payment via credit card, your credit card details will be sent to a third party processing site for authorisation and payment.
  6. Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT reserves the right to increase listing rates at its own discretion. Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT agrees to promptly notify (via email) Users who hold listing accounts of any rate increases.
  7. Once your subscription has expired, and you opt not to continue to be a User, you will no longer be permitted to use the Site for listing any Content, unless you complete and submit a new booking form, and pay the relevant Subscription Fee.
  8. Should you wish to cancel your subscription with Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT prior to its expiration or, prior to paying your second instalment of the Subscription Fee (if you have indicated to make the annual payment in two instalments) you will need to give us 30 days’ notice in writing, by sending either an email to the email address set out in the general terms and conditions or writing to us at the address also set out in the general terms and conditions. For the avoidance of doubt, Bespoke Lifestyle will not be obliged to refund any Subscription Fee or part thereof, should a User wish to cancel its subscription prior to its expiration date or prior to its second instalment of the Subscription Fee becoming due.
  9. Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT may request that any User who wishes to cancel its subscription complete a Feedback Form. Such Feedback Form will be forwarded to the specific User by Bespoke Lifestyle Advertising JLT upon receipt of the User’s notification of its intent to cancel its subscription.